About Kui

Kui  is a certified yoga teacher, trained in the Himalayas under the able guidance of Sadhviabha Saraswati. She teaches primarily Traditional Hatha yoga; Prayanama (breathing technique) and also practices Thai Massage. 

I first experienced yoga in 2008 through a rare encounter with a Colombian monk. He taught me yoga once a week,  planting the proverbial seed.


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I would later return to the path almost 5 years later during my years of running, in an attempt to heal my injured knees. Little by little, I began to experience the magic of yoga …I lost weight, digestion improved, I could sleep again, my anxiety was gone,  improved my concentration,  enhanced my skin,  increased my strength and flexibility. Yoga became a fundamental part of my life.

My practice soon evolved into a desire to teach, eventually taking me to India where I completed my 200 hours Teacher’s Training at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh.

I teach Traditional Hatha Yoga suitable for both beginner and intermediate practitioners. I lay an emphasis on awareness of breath. I want to share what I know with my students, help them discover their own unique path within their practice.